How Weight Loss Relieves Joint Pain

Jun 01, 2023
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Even a little joint pain can take a big toll on your comfort and quality of life. Medical treatment can help, but if you’re overweight, shedding those pounds could too. Here’s how weight and joint pain are linked.

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic joint pain in their feet, knees, hips, and spine, with symptoms often growing worse with age. Medical treatments can help, but there’s one thing you can do to relieve symptoms and prevent them from getting worse: Drop those extra pounds.

As a leading medical practice in Miami, Florida, I & B Medical Associates helps patients relieve joint pain with medical therapy and lifestyle changes like weight loss. In this post, learn how losing even a modest amount of weight could bring relief from your painful joint symptoms.

The link between your weight and joints

There’s a reason why the joints in your legs, feet, and back are often referred to as weight-bearing joints: These joints literally bear the strain and pressure from all the pounds your body carries, so it’s no surprise that when you’re overweight, that pressure increases, too.

In fact, every extra pound you carry around exerts an additional 4 pounds on your weight-bearing joints. That means if you’re 20 pounds overweight, those joints are subjected to about 80 extra pounds of pressure and strain.

All that extra strain increases the risk of joint damage, making you far more prone to arthritis. If you already have arthritis, added weight speeds up joint destruction, leading to more pain and inflammation.

How losing weight helps joints stay healthy

Reducing pressure on the joint surfaces helps prevent damage that leads to arthritis. But that’s just one way weight loss helps reduce joint pain. Weight reduction offers other benefits too. 

Being overweight is associated with an increased risk of chronic inflammation, another factor involved in joint pain and the development and progression of arthritis. 

When you lose weight, the risk of inflammation and inflammatory damage decreases, reducing the risk of arthritis and joint surface damage.

Plus, when you lose weight, it’s easier to stay active. Regular activity improves muscle strength for better joint support and overall joint function. Stronger, more flexible muscles support your joints and help relieve some of the strain that occurs with weight-bearing activities.

We can help you lose those extra pounds

Weight loss isn’t always easy, but the rewards for your joints (and overall wellness) are well worth the effort. Our team can develop a medical weight loss plan tailored to your needs, so you reap all the benefits weight loss can offer.

If you have joint pain, don’t ignore it. The sooner you seek treatment, the faster you can find relief and protect your joint health.

To learn more about joint pain treatments and medical weight loss plans that can help take the strain off your joints, call 786-321-2399 or book an appointment online with the team at I & B Medical Associates today.